Euromix Patch Fine

Euromix™ Patch Fine is an acrylic polymer, fine grain, topping and patching compound, suitable for use with most building substrates, in both internal and external applications.

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Mask or otherwise protect windows, trims and adjacent wall, roof and floor areas against spills and splashes using tape, plastic film or similar.

The Patch Coarse should be thoroughly stirred in the bucket, using a power stirrer, prior to application.

Before applying Euromix™ Patch Fine make certain the substrate has been fixed / constructed in accordance with the relevant manufacturer’s instructions. The substrate should be completely dry and areas to be patched must be clean and free of any damaged, loose or friable material. Remove any coatings that may affect adhesion of the Patch Fine, like; grease, oil or mould release agents.

Externally exposed porous substrates should be primed before the application of any Patch. For external applications it is mandatory that 5-10%, by volume, Portland cement be added to the Euromix™ Patch Fine, in a separate bucket, mixing only enough material that can be reasonably applied within 1 hour.

Do not apply Euromix™ Patch Fine in wet conditions, when rain is imminent or in temperatures outside the range of 10C to 35C. Do not apply if rain or frost is imminent and protect from rain during the product’s curing period.

Topping Plasterboard and Fibre-cement Sheet Joins

Trowel topcoat of Euromix™ Patch Fine over the set join – feather the edges.

Apply second coat of Euromix™ Patch Fine when the first coat is dry (allow at least 24 hours) - feather the edges.

Sand-off when dry, using 120 to 180 grit paper (within 72 hours of curing) leaving the join ready for coating with render, texture or paint.

Patch Fine is not suitable as the base joint material for setting joins in fibre cement sheet. It can be used as a topping coat, after Joins have been set using Euromix Patch Joint.

Patching Concrete and Other Solid Substrates

With the addition of 5-10% cement Euromix Patch Fine is suitable for levelling minor surface imperfections, filling cracks, holes, blowholes and other irregularities – up to a maximum of 2mm depth – over cured concrete.


Coverage rates will vary depending on the substrate and the thickness applied, but as an approximate guide 15 Litres of Euromix™ Patch Fine should cover about 10 to 12SQM when applied at a thickness of about 2mm.

Download Product Data Sheet

Download Material Safety Data Sheet


Drying and Curing

Drying and curing of the product is affected by type, dryness and porosity of the surface, climate conditions and application technique and therefore drying and curing can only be given as a guide (at 25C & 50% RH):

Touch Dry

Thirty (30) - sixty (60) minutes, depending on thickness.


Twenty four (24) hours

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