About Euromix

For over 30 years, Euromix™ has been synonymous with render. This reputation is based on our commitment to innovation, maintaining the highest quality standards and investing in cutting-edge research and development.

Euromix™ Render Systems allow you the flexibility to realise your most demanding designs, whether flat or curved, concave, or convex, white, or vibrantly coloured. By specifying Euromix Renders, you avoid the problems associated with conventional cementitious renders, such as cracking and colour fading.

Building designers, engineers, owners, and construction managers, confidently specify Euromix™ Render, knowing that their selected Euromix™ Render product system will meet the coating expectations for their project. Euromix™ has a proven, high performance, render solution for all the commonly accepted building substrates and cladding systems used in new, renovation and refurbishment projects, in Australia and New Zealand Specify Euromix™ and you can be sure of a beautiful solution that will stay looking good for years - an attractive prospect for developers and end users alike.

Euromix offer a range of AS1530.1 Non Combustible Renders, and Render Systems suited to Polystyrene, Foam Ceramic Wall Panels, Hebel/AAC, Masonry, Fibre Cement Board, PVC (AFS Ritek, Dincel etc) and more..

Our Values

Our actions and relationships with our customers are guided by our Core Values … we strive to:

  • Build value through win / win relationships.
  • Encourage innovation in all aspects of our operations.
  • Succeed through the quality and commitment of our people.
  • Focus on performance, using sound process to deliver strong results.
  • Learn from both our successes and failures.
  • Operate ethically, guided by policies and procedures that support regulatory and community standards.

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Dealing with Practical Experts

Euromix Team Members are selected for their ability to use their building industry experience and knowledge to help customers select the right products for their project where ever and whatever it may be.

Ongoing training ensures that staff members remain aware of current and future trends in product design and building practice as it relates to our offers.


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