Euromix Sandstone Texture Coating

Euromix™ Sandstone is a medium textured finish that has been formulated to provide excellent coverage with an attractive shimmery effect. This highly flexibly and water resistant texture coating is a 100% acrylic suitable for decorative finishing over Euromix™ Renders and other substrates.

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Product Summary

EuromixSandstone Texture Coating contains a medium, round sand (0.9mm approx.). Designed to provide an attractive sparkle effect appearance, that offers a durable, flexible and water repellent decorative finishing coating with excellent coverage over Euromix™ Renders and other substrates.

Sandstone is applied by pump trowel over suitably primed substrates to provide a decorative, protective coating with an attractive stylish shimmery appearance.

White in colour at the time of manufacture, Euromix Sandstone Texture Coating can be pigmented (tinted) to achieve a desired colour. 

Product Name

 Euromix™ Sandstone Texture


 15 litre plastic buckets. 


In the bucket the material appears as a wet, off-white, thick paint material containing sand. 


Thorough stir the Sandstone in the bucket, using a power stirrer, prior to application.

Spray Application: use of a Hopper gun, pressure pot or texture pump system can be used to produce a fine stipple texture or a higher build, chunky texture finish. Trowel Application: trowelled on to the substrate, to a thickness determined by the coarsest particles in the material and then finished with a plastic finishing trowel applied in a circular

It is imperative that a 'wet-edge' is maintained at all time and that the material is not over worked as this will likely result in patchiness and joint lines showing in the coating. Ensure that there are sufficient trowel hands available on large areas.

Do not apply Euromix™ Texture in windy conditions or in temperatures outside the range 10°C to 26°C or where the substrate is wet.

Keep newly coated areas protected from rain and moisture for at least twelve (12) hours, longer in the lower temperature range. Do not apply if rain or frost is imminent or possible before the product has properly dried.

Shield the coating and the substrate from moisture for at least 24 hours.


Average approximate spread rate for Euromix Sandstone is up to 15 SQM per 15 litre bucket. This will vary depending upon type, condition and porosity of the substrate, application technique and the tinted colour.

Download Product Data Sheet

Download Material Safety Data Sheet


Drying and Curing

Drying and curing of the product is affected by type, dryness and porosity of the surface, temperature, humidity, ventilation, climate conditions and application technique and therefore drying and curing can only be given as a guide (at 25°C & 50% RH):

Touch Dry

Two (2) to four (4) hours. 


Twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours 

Recommended Products

 Sandstone Texture cannot be applied directly over PVC, polystyrene (EPS), AAC or other absorbent materials without the application of a suitable base coat first.

Euromix recommends the use of Euromix™ Acrylic Primer as the priming coat with Euromix Sandstone. 

Euromix Acrylic Primer

Euromix™ Primer is an acrylic surface primer, formulated to enhance the colour and adherence of Euromix® textures and paints over most substrates, but particularly over render and masonry type surfaces.