Euralbi Plus

Euralbi Plus has been designed for use as a ‘stand alone’ white set or as the base coat in a two component system where Euralbi Fino top coat is used to provide a finer set finish.

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Product Description

The Euromix Range of white set plasters are pre-packed, quality controlled, fine powdered gypsum based plasters, manufactured in Europe and imported exclusively by Euromix for use in Australia and New Zealand. The unique thermal conductivity, permeability, mechanical resistance and hydraulic setting capabilities of gypsum has been enhanced by the quarrying of only the best raw materials, the addition of selected minerals and with the quality control achieved in a modern factory.

Euromix White Set Plasters are suitable for internal plastering and patching applications over most substrate surfaces, including clay and cement bricks / blocks, pre-cast or site poured concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), plasterboard, fibre cement and expanded polystyrene (EPS).

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Mixing and Application

Euralbi can be effectively applied by machine or by hand, water is automatically mixed as the Euralbi is sprayed onto the wall.

When mixing by hand, Euralbi Plus can be prepared in a bucket by drill, in a conventional cement mixer or by trowel on a table. In all cases clean, uncontaminated water must be used. In all cases clean, uncontaminated water must be used and the plaster must be mixed to an even consistency where all particles are wet but not saturated.

Depending on the conditions mixing will require @ 0.5-0.6 litres of clean water for every 1 kg of Euralbi.

Finishing – Ready for Painting

As the Euralbi is starting to ‘firm’ on the wall (but while it is still soft) it is run over with a hand held sponge or an electric variable speed disc sponge. This leaves the surface even and ready to be flattened with a stainless steel trowel in the traditional plaster setting manner. Usually the finish aimed for with the steel trowel is a flat and level surface, ready for the application of Euralbi Fino.

Refer to the Euralbi Fino PDS and for a guide to achieving a mirror or polished finish.

Like all traditional set plaster finishes, Euralbi (Plus and Fino) should be sealed with only an oil based, binding sealer, like Euromix®Solvent Based Sealer Primer, before painting or finishing with other architectural finishes. Remove any dust from the surface of the Euralbi before applying the binding sealer, usually only one coat of binding sealer is required to prepare the plaster for further painting.

Drying Times

Drying and curing of the product is affected by type, dryness and porosity of the substrate, temperature, humidity, ventilation, climatic conditions and application technique and therefore drying and curing times given are a guide (at 25C & 50% RH).

Touch Dry

Thirty (30) to sixty (60) minutes.


Twenty-four (24) hours 

Download Product Data Sheet

Download Material Safety Data Sheet


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Euralbi is a pre-packed, quality controlled fine powdered gypsum based plaster, manufactured in Spain and imported exclusively by Euromix for use in Australia and New Zealand. 

Euralbi Fino

Euralbi Fino has been designed for use as a fine finish, white set top coat. Fino works best as the finishing coat applied over a Euralbi Plus base coat.