Euromix Fine Coat

Euromix™ Finecoat is a pre mixed, 100% fully acrylic polymer based texture coating, designed for decorative finishing over Euromix™ Renders and other substrates. 

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Product Description

Euromix™ Fine coat is a premium quality, medium build acrylic texture coating formulated for to provide an attractive finish on suitable substrates. Designed to provide superior flexibility, crack resistance, strong adhesion, and water repellency with the addition of Euromix™ Hydroshield.

The typical grain size (the aggregate used to achieve the textured finish) for Fine coat is @ 0.4mm diameter.

Fine coat is applied by trowel or spray over suitably primed substrates to provide a decorative and protective coating with a subtle sparkle to its finish over the surface. Euromix™ Fine coat can be pigmented (tinted) to achieve a desired colour.

Mixing Instructions

Euromix Render can be mixed (with the correct ratio of Euromix Bond/water) by mechanical mixer or with a traditional concrete mixer. Add the required volume of Bond/water to the mixing bucket or concrete mixer the steadily add the Euromix Render until the mixture will hold a soft peak on a hawk.

Too soft a mixture will run off the hawk and requires extra time before the surface can be finished up; too hard a mixture becomes difficult to apply and finish.


Thorough stir the Fine coat in the bucket, using a power

stirrer, prior to application. The Finecoat is towelled on to the substrate, to a thickness determined by the coarsest particles in the material and

then finished with a plastic finishing trowel applied in a circular motion, to achieve an even textured appearance.

It is imperative that a 'wet-edge' is maintained at all time and that the material is not over worked as this will likely result in patchiness and joint lines showing in the coating. Ensure that there are sufficient trowel hands available on large areas.


Average approximate spread rate for Euromix Fine coat is 15 to 17 sqm per 15 litre bucket. This will vary depending upon type, condition and porosity of the substrate, application technique and the tinted colour.

Download Product Data Sheet

Download Material Safety Data Sheet


Important Information

Finecoat Texture cannot be applied directly over PVC, polystyrene (EPS), AAC or other absorbent materials without the application of a suitable base coat first. Euromix recommends the use of Euromix™ Acrylic Primer as the priming coat with Euromix Fine coat. 

Acrylic Primer

A specially formulated liquid additive that increases the adhesion, compressive and chemical strength of Euromix Render and Euromix Skim Coat, is added to the water in various ratios to make the gauge.