Fibre Cement (FC) Finishing System

Euromix™ polymer modified cement renders and full polymer textures are formulated to provide weather resistant, decorative finishes over most building material substrates, including Fibre Cement sheeting (FC).

Finishing System Summary

Euromix recommends that any render, texture and paint finishing system applied over fibre cement (FC) walling should be designed and applied in such a way as to;

Hide most sheet surface imperfections.

Minimise the appearance of minor structural imperfections, misalignment of walls, etc.

Provide a render/texture finish that is sufficiently thick/strong to be resistant to impact forces while still being able to flex with the FC sheets and structure.

There are several Euromix products that can be applied in a number of different systems to achieve the above finish. The key components of such systems are summarised as;

Substrate preparation setting of sheet joins.

Fixing of PVC trims.

Base render coat.

Finishing render coat.

Texture coat.

Paint coat - optional.

Euromix Patch Course + PVC

Evenly fill the joints using Euromix Patch Coarse, mixed with @ 10% cement and then embed 55mm wide alkali resistant fibreglass (FG) mesh tape (non-adhesive) into the Patch. Where specified, PVC Moulds/trims should be installed using Patch Coarse, ensuring that they are plumb and aligned with the appropriate sheet surface.



Euromix FP Render

Once the Patch Coarse has dried (at least 24 hours in normal conditions) prepare the selected Euromix Full Polymer Render product and apply it a nominal thickness of 3-5mm, using a trowel and straight edge to achieve true and level finish.



Euromix FP Render

Use of Euromix Full Polymer (FP) Render as second coat. This is always recommended prior to application of Texture Finish. Skim can also be used as a finish coat when a sponge finish is required instead of texture coat.



Euromix Acrylic Primer

Application of Euromix Primer prior to Texture Coating is recommended for all substrates to assist in bond and ensure tinted texture colour is finished.



Euromix Texture / Euromix Paint Flex 

It is recommended to use a Texture Coating to enhance aesthetics for finishing and provide flexibility to the system. Can be tinted to colour of choice.