Euromix Acrylic Primer

Euromix™ Acrylic Primer is an acrylic polymer primer that is designed to penetrate and seal most substrates, prior to the application of Euromix finishing coatings. Euromix Acrylic Primer can be used over off-form concrete, cement based renders, fibre cement sheeting, polystyrene, PVC brick and block work.

Acrylic Render vs Cement Render

Why use Euromix Acrylic Render? Euromix Acrylic Render vs Cement Render Rendering is a construction technique involving the application of Render to normally an exterior wall, planter boxes, property fence line, or exterior of a property. There are many different types of rendering systems available, one of which are acrylic renders. An acrylic render is… Continue reading Acrylic Render vs Cement Render