Why use Euromix Acrylic Render?

Euromix Acrylic Render vs Cement Render

Rendering is a construction technique involving the application of Render to normally an exterior wall, planter boxes, property fence line, or exterior of a property. There are many different types of rendering systems available, one of which are acrylic renders. An acrylic render is any type of render that uses acrylic, which is a type of plastic (polymer), in the mix.

The acrylic makes the render (Euromix for example) incredibly stronger and more flexible than traditional render mixes, which in short means it is less likely to crack after it has been correctly applied. Euromix Acrylic Renders have become increasingly popular because they are easy to apply and dry much faster. A render made from acrylic can dry in as little as 2-3 days, whilst some other renders can take as long up to 30 days to dry.

Renders are used on both new and old buildings for the following reasons;

  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of the property.
  • As a form of additional weather protection.
  • As a way to hide any imperfections in the appearance of a structure.
  • Updating the look of the property to become more modern.
  • Long-lasting vs cement render
  • Dries quicker
  • More versatile than cement render for different substrates

Euromix Acrylic Render (AS1530.1) can be purchased in

pre-blended bags across our distributors. It can be applied to prepared coarse surfaces such as block, brick, stone as well other substrates such as; concrete, plasterboard, masonry, PVC (AFS, Ritek, Dincel), fibre cement board (FC), aerated auto conclave (AAC), foamed ceramic aac, and other exterior claddings*.

A render may be used to disguise hairline cracks in a building’s surface. Renders made from acrylic allow water vapours to pass through between the brick / stone rendered surface and the atmosphere around the rendered surface. Acrylic is especially good for rendering brickwork because it is resistant to the white salts that can sometimes leak from the bricks.

With Euromix Acrylic Render, having a Basecoat such as Euromix Cream or Euromix NPS Keycoat Base Render is essential, again acrylic render the finish can be left as a sponge/float finish, or added texture coating for a smooth, medium or coarse finish to enhance the finish further, depending on what the finish you are wanting to achieve.

Note: if you want the rendered finish to last and have the expected smooth finish it is advisable to use the services of a professional renderer who has the proper trade qualification (as well as insured) to render, or a professional render who has been recommended by previous clients. This allows you to see the work that they have already completed. A good professional is expected to do the cleaning and preparatory work before any acrylic renders can be applied.

Euromix Products

Euromix Architectural Finishes offer a select range of AS1530.1 Non Combustible Compliant Renders from base renders, high build, keycoat and more.. Our render systems suit polystyrene, PVC, concrete, masonry/brick, cladding and many more.

Euromix Cream Render (AS1530.1)

Euromix™ Cream Render is a multipurpose render, suitable for use both as a base coat where finishing renders, texture coats, etc. or architectural finishes (like tiles) are to be applied and as a finish coat, where a high quality sponge finish is required. It can be applied by hand or by machine, in layers ranging from 2mm to 6mm at a time.

Euromix FP Render (AS1530.1)

Euromix FP Render is a ready-to-use dry mix, full polymer, cement based render formulated for application over sheet and panel substrates, like, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC),expanded polystyrene (EPS), fibre cement (FC) and plaster based materials. Euromix FP Render is mixed with water only (no added Bond).When used as a base coat, Euromix FP Render can be applied up to 3-4 mm thick in one coat (over masonry and similar solid substrates).

Euromix Skim Coat (AS1530.1)

A specially formulated liquid additive that increases the adhesion, compressive and chemical strength of Euromix Render and Euromix Skim Coat, is added to the water in various ratios to make the gauge.

Euromix High Build Render

Euromix Light Weight High Build is a light weight, acrylic modified cement render that boasts ability to build up 40mm thickness. LWHB has been designed to build up and level undulating surfaces. Suitable to be applied over brick work, blue board, (FC), polystyrene (EPS), concrete and more


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