Euromix Product Range

Euromix Render, Patch, Jointing, Texture and Paint products are designed for use as decorative finishes over most accepted building substrates, including; clay and cement bricks/blocks, pre-cast or site poured concrete, aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC), fibre cement sheeting (FC), expanded polystyrene (EPS), plasterboard, plaster and PVC.

Euromix Renders

> Euromix Cream

> Euromix Render

> Euromix Skim

> Euromix FP Render

> Euromix NPS Render

> Euromix LWHB Render

Euromix Texture Coatings

> Euromix FineCoat

> Euromix Sandstone

> Euromix Sandfinish

> Euromix Trowel On*

Euromix Patching Compounds

> Euromix Patch Coarse

> Euromix Patch Fine

Euromix Paints & Primers

> Euromix Matt Paint

> Euromix Flex Paint

> Euromix Skim

> Euromix Acrylic Primer

> Euromix Solvent Sealer Primer

Euromix Additives and Adhesives

> Euromix AAC Adhesive

> Euromix Bond

White Set Plasters

> Euralbi Plus

> Euralbi Fino

> Euralbi Fino Blanco

Becoming a Euromix Distributor

For more than 25 years Euromix Architectural Finishes have been providing solutions for the building trademen, industry and the service sector. With a selection of professional and experienced distributor network at present, we continue to seek further opportunities to offer Euromix across New South Wales, Australia and New Zealand.

In case you are interested to become our future partner please contact us via the contact page, our team will get in touch with you shortly.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.