The Euromix PVC Render Wall Finishing System is suitable for application over PVC permanent formwork systems.

The Euromix PVC (Dincel) Finishing System requires the application of six (6) different acrylic based Euromix products; Euromix™ NPS Primer, Euromix™ Patch Coarse, Euromix™ NPS Base Render, Euromix™ Texture(s) & Euromix™ Euroflex.

System Scope

The finishing system described in this document is suitable for PVC permanent formwork systems, provided;

The filled system is ‘straight and true’ to within 5mm.

The walling system and the rest of the building is designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The formwork system is installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ published instructions.

The walling system has been designed and constructed is such a way as to avoid water ingress from the top or bottom of the walling and/or through panel joints.

Expansion joints have been installed in accordance with the PVC system manufacturers’ specifications. Expansion joints should constructed in accordance with AS 3958.1-2007 and at least, be located; between different walling substrates; at internal corners; between floors of multi story buildings and at site fabricated PVC system junctions.

System Application Guidelines

Substrate Preparation

All surfaces of the PVC walling to be coated must be clean, dry and free from any material that may inhibit adhesion (including loose paint, grease, oil, fungus / moss, dirt, friable materials and any mould release agents).

Any concrete splatter or other build up on the external surface of the PVC Formwork should be removed. The source of any ‘leakage’ of concrete should be investigated and any problems with possible water ingress be corrected.

Mask windows and architectural trim elements, floors and adjacent walling materials using tape, plastic film or similar.

Primer Coat 
Euromix™ NPS (Non Porous Surface) Primer 

Prepares the PVC surface for following coatings. Simply roll on and allow to drive, no surface abrasion required. Roll on.

Patch Coat 
Euromix™ Patch Coarse 

Provides a highly flexible keycoat for the render coats.

Base Coat
Euromix™ NPS Base Render 

Once Patch Coarse is fully dry, apply 1 coat of Euromix NPS Base Render to a minimum

thickness of 6-8mm throughout. Use a straight edge make walls as straight as possible.

2nd Render Coat
Euromix™ FP Render 

Apply Euromix FP Render throughout to a minimum thickness of 2-3mm. Finish to a flat float finish in preparation for Euromix Sand Finish Texture

Texture Coat
Euromix™ Texture Coating

It is required to apply Euromix Texture Coating to provide flexibility and

enhance aesthetics for to the system. Can be tinted to colour of choice at your distributor.

Elastomeric Paint
Euromix™ Euroflex Paint

Apply Euromix Flex Paint or similar elastomeric membrane paint over entire area over texture coat. Refer to System Guide for more information. Suggested for projects in close proximity of sea and beaches.